Summer Fire Safety

Follow these tips to stay safe this summer and avoid outdoor fire emergencies.

Only use your grill outside.

Keep grills at least three feet away from houses, siding, deck railings, furniture, or anything flammable.


Keep an eye on the grill.  Do not leave it unattended.

For Propane grills, follow the manufacturers instructions closely when lighting the grill.  When finished, shut off the propane tank valve and allow your grill to fully cool before moving or covering.

Store propane tanks upright and only outside, in a cool, well ventilated area like a shed.  Do not store propane tanks in your basement, garage, or inside your house.

For charcoal grills, shut grill vents completely when finished cooking and allow grill and coals to fully cool before disposing in a metal can with lid.  Do not use a plastic trashcan or trash bag.  Make sure the can does not contain any other flammable trash and store the trash can outside, not inside your house or garage.


In Churchill, recreational fires are only allowed in Chiminea, wood stoves or other commericially manufactured and covered fire pits.   Fires must be at least 15feet from buildings.   Open burning/fire pits are prohibited.