Focus: Car Accidents

Each year Churchill Volunteer Fire Company responds to almost 75 car accidents.  Check out our incident links on the right for a few recent reports.   Most of the time, the occupants are fortunate to have only minor injuries, but a few are serious.  Here are some tips to avoid accidents and stay safe during an accident.

  • Always wear your seat belt

Seat belts are the best protection against injury in a crash.  Numerous studies have shown that seat belts, especially when combined with front and side airbags greatly reduce the severity of injuries suffered in an accident.

  • Use an appropriate car seat for your child.

AAA studies show that child seats reduce injury risk by 71-82%.  Correct installation is very important and children require different car seat arrangements as they grow older.  For more information about car seats, follow these links to more information from AAA and NHTSA’s

  • Don’t make phone calls or text while driving.  Focus on the driving.

25% or more of car accidents can be attributed to distracted driving from mobile phone  use.  For more information on distracted driving, visit the National Safety Council

  • Don’t drive while imparied by drugs or alcohol. Don’t drive drowsy.

One-third or more of all fatal crashes involve alcohol or drugs.  Stay safe, don’t drink and drive.


Want more information?  Here are some links to more driving safety resources

National Safety Council

AAA Defensive Driving Guide