1998 General 1000GPM Engine – FOR SALE

Price:  $70,000

Available  Immediately  – Unit is in active service.  Ready to work for your department

For more information:
President, Brian Papa.

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–General Information–

Spartan Advantage VA40M 6-Man cab
Rosenbauer 1000GPM NH40 PTO Pump
750 Gallon Poly water tank
FoamPro 1600 Foam system w/ 20 Gallon Poly tank
Top-Mount pump controls
Year: 12/98
Body Material: Stainless
Compartments: 8 – equipment, 1 – Generator
Make: Spartan
Model: 1000 EE Advantage VA40M
Mileage: 9580
Height: 107″  (8ft 11in)
Width:  119″  (9ft 11in)
Length:  387″ (32ft 4in)
GWVR: 42,000
Wheelbase:  206″ (17ft 2″)
Axles: 2
Brakes: Air, Antilock
Air Conditioner: No
Tire size Front: 315/80R22.5
Tire Size Rear: 11R22.5 Dual
Tire Condition: Good

Doors: 4
Seats: 6
SCBA Seats: 5
Material: Aluminum

Make: Cummins
Model: C8.3
Fuel: Diesel
HP: 325@2200rpm
Cylinders: 6

Make: Allison
Model: MD3060P
Type: 4/5 Speed Automatic
Engine Brake: yes

–Pump, Tank and Plumbing–
Make: Rosenbauer
Model: NH40PTO
GPM: 1000
Stages: 3
Location: Mid-Mount
Type: PTO
Pump and Roll: Capable (currently disabled)
Tank Capacity: 750 Gallon
Tank Material: Poly
Foam System: Foam Pro #1600
Foam Tank Capacity: 20 Gallon
Foam Tank Material: Poly
2 Crosslays – max 250ft 1-3/4″ – top mounted
2 Speedlays – max 400ft 1-3/4″ – hosebed mounted
1 Speedlay – max 400ft 2-1/2″ – hosebed mounted
2 – 250ft High Pressure Foam Reels – compartment mounted
4″ officer side
4″/2-1/2″ combo – officer side
4″/2-1/2″ combo – driver side
6″ Steamer connection with 4″ Storz Harrington gate/relief valve – each side
2-1/2″ gated intake – each side

Generator: Onan
Model: 6.5NHEFA26100E
Voltage: 120V
Rating: 6.5KVA, 54.2 Amps at 1800rpm
Mounting: rear center compartment
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Supply: 6.5 Gallon Marine-style plastic tank, in compartment
Cord Reels: 1
Outlets: 1 each side
Light Tower: Wilburt Nightscan Chief 2x750W halogen
Brow Light: 150w 12V HID
2x 12volt rear spots
2x 750w Alpha model 2000 portable tripods

–Warning Equipment and Electronics–
Light bars:
72″ Whelen Freedom LED (Front)
2x 28″ Whelen Freedom LED(Side)
Flashers: Rear and side Whelen Halogen flashers
Traffic Control: Whelen TA-837 Traffic Advisor
Air Horn: Dual Grover Stuttertone 24″ bumper mounted
Federal Q2B Mechanical
Whelen WS-295HF 100/200 Watt
Radio: None included
Antennas: UHF 470 Mhz, VHF-Hi and VHF 46Mhz antennas



Officer Side

Brow Light


Rear Ladder Comp. 24ft ext. + 12ft roof + attic


Driver Side Hose Connections


Officer side hose connections


Top Mount Pump Panel


Pump catwalk


Driver Side Hose connections


Driver Side engineer’s compartment with trays out


Driver Side engineer’s compartment


Office Side Front Compartment


Officer Side Center compartment


Officer Side Center compartment


Officer Side Rear compartment


Driver side mini Compartment


Driver side Center compartment


Driver Side Center compartment


Driver side rear compartment


Front Cab


Driver controls



Officer seat


Officer Seat


Generator Compartment


Generator controls in compartment on pump panel


Light tower controls in compartment on pump panel


Light Tower


Light Tower


Officer Side crew seat


Rear Crew seats


Driver Side Crew Seat


Officer Side Crew cab


Driver side crew cab


Driver side crew door


Driver Seat
Officer Seat
Front wheel
Front Wheel


Rear Wheels


Rear Wheels


Chassis Plate