Kitchen Fire, Dorothy Street Wilkins Township

Churchill Fire responded on mutual aid to a reported structure fire at an apartment building at the end of Dorothy Street in Wilkins Township at 0023.   Police on scene reported smoke in the building, and Wilkins Truck 303 and Forest Hills Truck 153 units found smoke in the basement apartment on arrival with unknown fire location.    Truck 153 laid a 5″ supply line in to the scene.

Cause of the incident was determined to be a stove-top fire that had been partial extinguished by a resident.   Units checked for extension of the fire and cleared smoke from the building.

Churchill units were on scene for 1 hour.

Command:  303AssistantB

Responding Units:  303Truck, 153Truck, 153Squad, 302Engine, 302Service, 122Rescue, 122Squad, 304Engine, Wilkins FM514