Overturned Vehicle on Parkway

Churchill Rescue 122 was dispatched to a reported overturned vehicle on the Parkway East July 17, 2016 at 01:32.   Based on reports of entrapment and fire from bystanders on scene, Wilkins Station 302 was added to the call, but was cancelled shortly after when it was confirmed that the driver was out of the vehicle and there was no fire.

The crash was located on the westbound side bend between the Penn Hills on-ramp and Business 22, with a single vehicle overturned against the center jersey barrier.  122 Rescue and 122 Engine, along with 122 Chief and Assistant, responded and assisted with fluid cleanup and traffic control while police and paramedics were on scene, and the vehicle was removed.  Crews were on scene approximate 90 minutes.

Command:  122 Chief

Responding units:  122 Rescue, 122 Engine

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